Pressure Vessels

CSS Mechanical is a leading manufacturer of custom fabricated pressure vessels. We produce stationary and transportable vessels based on specific design requirements for a variety of industries in Louisville, KY and surrounding areas. Whether cylindrical, oval, rectangular, or spherical, our vessels can be made from a variety of metal, steels and alloys, as well as plastics.  We will design and manufacture to fit around your specific needs.

Pressure VesselsOur galvanized, painted, plated, or unfinished pressure vessels are created to be chemical and corrosion resistant, double-walled, jacketed, foam insulated, and multi-compartmental. Regardless of whether your tank will be holding innocuous matter such as air, steam, water, or potentially hazardous substances such as acid, ammonia, bio fluids, gases, hydrogen, or oil, we ensure our products meet ASME regulations as well as other strict industry and customer standards.

To discuss how we can manufacture custom fabricate pressure vessels from your AutoCAD, Solidworks, SolidEdge, or MasterCAM drawings, contact us today.