Boiler and Chiller Service

Boiler Service in Louisville, KYBoiler Service

For expert boiler service in Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana look to the experts at CSS Mechanical.

  • Approved to fabricate pressure vessels. Approved to repair boilers and other pressure retaining items in the field and our shop.
  • Boiler Tube Replacement or Repair
  • Partial or Complete Waterleg and Staybolt Replacement
  • Fabrication of Pressure Vessels and Power Piping
  • Tubesheet/Furnace Repair or Replacement
  • Shell, Drum, and Header Repair
  • Repair/Replacement of Heat Exchangers, Economizers, Chillers, and Non-fired Vessels
  • Non-Destructive Examination and Integrity Analysis
  • Refractory Repair or Replacement
  • Annual Inspection Assistance
  • Installation/Replacement of Vessel Nozzles and Openings
  • CSS has a Boiler Contractor License for the State of Kentucky

CSS Mechanical knows that boiler maintenance is important in reducing energy waste and operating costs. Through our services, customers have received:

  • Supplemental Boiler Operator Training
  • Reduced Unscheduled Operating Downtime
  • Full Code Compliance
  • Increased Steam System Efficiency
  • 24/7 Emergency Response

Chiller Service

Large commercial buildings such as hospital, hotels, and factories in Louisville, KY greatly benefit from our Chiller Service. CSS Mechanical provides this service, along with many others, in order to reduce costs of building energy management by up to 40 percent. Business owners in Louisville are always looking for ways to save money and improve the functionality of their commercial building. At CSS Mechanical we make helping these clients our goal and hope that through us they can improve their profit by taking advantage of services we offer such as Chiller Service.